Latest on walkaround inspections

I am not sure about the provenance of this press release, it might be a good idea to consider this development.

The government have today announced a clampdown on goods vehicle drivers who fail to correctly carry out pre-use walk-around inspections of large goods vehicles.

Statistics show that a significant number of fatal road traffic incidents would have been completely avoidable in 2014/5 if drivers had properly carried out the necessary basic pre-use walk-around inspections of their vehicles.

There have been examples cited of road wheels falling from vehicles, dangerous loads and obvious lighting defects.

It is proposed that by 1st January 2018 all drivers of large goods vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and greater will be expected to have achieved the new NVQ qualification – Pre Use Safe System Inspection of Equipment.

Any driver failing to obtain the necessary PUSSIE qualification will not be permitted to drive a prescribed goods vehicle unless an appropriately qualified person has first carried out the statutory inspection of that vehicle. Any person in breach of the new regulations will be liable to prosecution.