Can I be fined if I am accredited

below a email received from the Border Force, this clarifies the situation for accredited hauliers.


Currently, while a company remains accredited we accept that a company has an effective system and will not receive a penalty. If their driver has not operated their system they can still receive a fine (or face criminal prosecution if evidence suggests involvement) A company is severally liable for the drivers penalty so this could still fall to the company.

Checklists are accepted as a record of checks, photos would be additional evidence of a well operated system.

We ask that a driver operate the company’s system, if they have secure their vehicle, carry out and record their checks they should not receive a penalty – many such cases are not referred for Civil Penalty action but each case is reviewed separately.

There are nine Dutch hauliers accredited currently.

Ignored? I can’t imagine that possible.

Kind Regards


Jason Hansell
Senior Officer
Clandestine Entrant Civil Penalty Team (CECPT) –
Border Force South East and Europe

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