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This is the area that causes most of the problems for your company, if you submit the application stating that you train your drivers in house the Border Agency might ask to see a copy of your training material, taking in consideration that every communication with the Border Force can delay your application with 2 months this could be a lengthy process.

You will need to train all new staff agency drivers and opstapchauffeurs

The alternative is a of the shelf course that has been approved by the Border agency, we have a course that would fit virtually every form of transport, this course is based on E-Learning so the drivers can do the course on the internet.

Our course comes in 2 sections  with 5 questions at the end of every section if the driver achieved 100% in the questions he, or you, will be issued with a certificate of training from an in the Uk registered non-for profit organisation, this certificate is accepted by the Border Force as proof of the required training.

The cost of this course varies from € 3.00 to € 25.00 depending on the size of your company. contact us  for further information.